Rubus amplistipulus

Rubus amplistipulus


Source: Kurtto, A. & Weber, H. E. (2009+): Rubus. – In: Kurtto, A. (ed.): Rosaceae. Euro+Med Plantbase - the information resource for Euro-Mediterranean plant diversity.
Rubus amplistipulus Sudre, Excurs. Batol.: 116. 1902
  • Rubus godronii subsp. amplistipulus (Sudre) Sudre, Rubi Eur.: 77. 1909


Ga(F) -Hs(S) 

Euro+Med endemicA: France, with Channel is. and Monaco (France nativeA); Spain, with Gibraltar and Andorra (Spain native: reported in errorA)


A. Kurtto, A. & al. (ed.), Atlas Florae Europaeae (manuscript) 15. 2009