Source: Raab-Straube E. von, Peruzzi L. & Tison J.-M. (2022+): Gagea. - In: Euro+Med PlantBase - the information resource for Euro-Mediterranean plant diversity.
Gagea Salisb. in Ann. Bot. (König & Sims) 2: 555. 1806
    • =Lloydia Rchb., Fl. Germ. Excurs.: 102. 1830, nom. cons.



    AE(G) Ab(A N) Ag Al Ar Au(A L) BH Be(B L) Bl(I M) Br Bu By Cg Cm Co Cr Cs Ct Cy Da Eg Es Fe Ga(F) Ge Gg(A D G) Gr He Ho Hs(A S) Hu Ir It Jo Ko La Le Li Lt Lu Ma Mk Mo No Po Rf(C CS E K N NW S) Rm Sa Se Si(S) Sk Sl Sn Su Sy Tn Tu(A E) Uk [dHb(E)] 

    Euro+Med unknown endemism: Albania native; Algeria native; Armenia native; Austria, with Liechtenstein native (Austria native, Liechtenstein native); Azerbaijan, with Nakhchivan native (Azerbaijan native, Nakhchivan native); Baleares native (Ibiza native, Mallorca native); Belarus native; Belgium, with Luxembourg native (Belgium native, Luxembourg native); Bosnia-Herzegovina native; Bulgaria native; Corsica native; Crete, with Karpathos native; Crimea native; Croatia native; Cyprus native; Czech Republic native; Denmark native; East Aegean islands (Greek East Aegean islands native); Egypt native; Estonia native; Finland native; Former Yugoslavia native; France, with Channel is. and Monaco (France native); Georgia, with Abkhazia and Adjara native (Abkhazia native, Adjara native, Georgia native); Germany native; Great Britain native; Greece native; Hungary native; Ireland, with N Ireland (Ireland introduced: doubtfully introduced (perhaps cultivated only)); Israel/Palestine native; Israel/Palestine-Jordan native; Italy native; Jordan native; Kosovo native; Latvia native; Lebanon native; Lebanon-Syria native; Libya native; Lithuania native; Moldova native; Montenegro native; Morocco native; Netherlands native; North Macedonia native; Norway native; Poland native; Portugal native; Romania native; Russia (C European Russia native, E European Russia native, Kaliningrad region native, N European Russia native, NW European Russia native, North Caucasus native, S European Russia native); Sardinia native; Serbia native; Serbia, with Kosovo native; Sicily, with Malta native (Sicily native); Sinai native; Slovakia native; Slovenia native; Spain, with Gibraltar and Andorra native (Andorra native, Spain native); Sweden native; Switzerland native; Syria native; Tunisia native; Turkey native (Turkey, Asiatic part native, Turkey-in-Europe native); Ukraine native; Ukraine, with Crimea native