Rubus alterniflorus

Rubus alterniflorus


Source: Kurtto, A. & Weber, H. E. (2009+): Rubus. – In: Kurtto, A. (ed.): Rosaceae. Euro+Med Plantbase - the information resource for Euro-Mediterranean plant diversity.
Rubus alterniflorus P. J. Müll. & Lefèvre in Jahresber. Pollichia 16-17: 160. 1859 [is earlier homonym of Rubus alterniflorus Sudre 1911]


    ● -Be -Br -Cs Ga -Ge -Hu -Sk 

    Euro+Med endemicA: Belgium, with Luxembourg native: reported in errorA; Czech Republic native: reported in errorA; France, with Channel is. and Monaco nativeB; Germany native: reported in errorA; Great Britain native: reported in errorA; Hungary native: reported in errorA; Slovakia native: reported in errorA


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