The distribution of a taxon is given in a map and additionally displayed in a condensed format. This presentation combines the distribution area of a taxon together with its status in an abbreviated form.

Please note: maps and data for Bryophytes are not yet complete. Caveats:

- as the distribution in Russia is not given for standard areas, the maps do not show Russian records yet, except for the exclave Kaliningrad and for the North Caucasus.

The IUCN red list categories for single areas (at present only for Bryophytes) are given in a separate distribution string which combines the area abbreviations with the standard IUCN Red List Categories abbreviations.

Area abbreviations:



Ab(A) Azerbaijan (core)
Ab(N) Nakhchivan

EsEstoniaMaMorocco, with Spanish Territories
AEAE(G) Greek East Aegean Islands
AE(T) Turkish East Aegean Islands
FaFaeroe IslandsMdMadeira archipelago:

Md(D) Desertas
Md(M) Madeira
Md(P) Porto Santo

AgAlgeriaFeFinlandMkNorth Macedonia
AlAlbaniaGaGa(C) Channel Islands
Ga(F) mainland France (without Co)
Ga(M) Monaco
ArArmeniaGeGermanyNoNorway (without Sb)
AuAu(A) Austria
Au(L) Liechtenstein



Az(C) Corvo
Az(F) Faial
Az(G) Graciosa
Az(J) São Jorge
Az(L) Flores
Az(M) São Miguel
Az(P) Pico
Az(S) Santa Maria
Az(T) Terceira

with Ionian, N and W Aegean Islands and Kiklades
(without AE(G) and Cr)
RfRussian Federation:

Rf(A) Novaya Zemlya and  Franz Joseph Land
Rf(C) C European Russia
Rf(CS) North Caucasus
Rf(E) E European Russia
Rf(K) Kaliningrad region
Rf(N) N European Russia
Rf(NW) NW European
Rf(S) S European Russia

BeBe(B) Belgium
Be(L) Luxembourg
HbHb(E) Ireland
Hb(N) Northern Ireland
BlBalearic Islands:

Bl(I) Ibiza
Bl(M) Mallorca
Bl(N) Menorca

HoNetherlandsSbSvalbard: Spitsbergen, Björnöya and Jan Mayen
BrUnited Kingdom (without Ga(C) and Hb(N))HsHs(A) Andorra
Hs(G) Gibraltar
Hs(S) mainland Spain (without Bl and Ca)
BtBaltic countries (Es + La + Lt + Rf(K))HuHungarySgSalvage Islands
BuBulgariaIJIsrael/Palestine and Jordan (Ir + Jo)SiSi(M) Malta
Si(S) Sicily
CaCanary Islands

Ca(C) Gran Canaria
Ca(F) Fuerteventura
Ca(G) Gomera
Ca(H) Hierro
Ca (L) Lanzarote
Ca(P) La Palma
Ca(T) Tenerife

CcCaucasia (Ab + Ar + Gg + Rf(CS))It

Italy (without Sa and Si(S))

It(I) Italy
It(S) San Marino
It(V) Vatican City

CgMontenegroJoJordanSrSerbia with Kosovo
CmCrimeaJuFormer Yugoslavia (BH+Cg+Ct+Ko+Mk+Se+Sl)SuSweden
CrCrete and Karpathos island groupsLaLatviaTcsSouth Caucasian countries (Ab + Ar + Gg)
CsCzech RepublicLeLebanonTnTunisia
CtCroatiaLiLibyaTuTu(A) Türkiye, Asiatic part (without AE(T))
Tu(E) Türkiye, European part
CyCyprusLSLebanon and Syria (Le+Sy)UkUkraine (without Cm)
DaDenmark (without Fa)LtLithuania 


EgEgypt (without Sn)LuPortugal
(without Az, Md and Sg)


Explanation of symbols used in occurrence data (e.g. Lu)
endemic in the Euro-Mediterranean area (for Bryophytes: endemic in Europe)Lunative
(incl. archaeophytes, i.e., plants presumably introduced and present before the year 1500)
dLudoubtfully native 
?Ludoubtfully present-Luabsent but reported in error (in an earlier source)†Lu(presumably) extinct 
[Lu]introduced (after the year 1500, casual or naturalized)[aLu]casual alien[cLu]cultivated in large scale (crops, forest and street trees; but not park, garden or greenhouse plants) 

Map of the Euro+Med territories. Please note the following changes:

"Western Sahara" is not part of Morocco and is not included anymore;
"Yugoslavia" has been further subdivided into Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia;
Türkiye is subdivided into an European and an Asiatic part;
Ukraine has been subdivided into Ukraine and Crimea.

IUCN Red List Categories:

DD: Data Deficient
LC: Least Concern
NT: Near Threatened
VU: Vulnerable
EN: Endangered
CR: Critically Endangered
RE: Regionally Extinct
(NE: Not Evaluated)
(NA: Not Applicable)